Actress Nikita Dutta Reveals Bike Thieves “Snatched” Her Phone Out Of Her Hand

Actress Nikita Dutta reveals that bike thieves snatched her phone from her hand

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  • Nikita’s phone was snatched by two bike thieves in Bandra on Sunday
  • “I was in total shock for about 3-4 seconds,” wrote the actress
  • “The walkers nearby were sweet enough to run for help,” she said.

New Delhi:

Actress Nikita Dutta, who is known for her performances in films the big bull And dybbukiHis phone was lost after two bike thieves “snatched” it from his hand in Mumbai’s Bandra on Sunday. According to Nikita, she was walking on 14th street in Bandra when two thieves on a bike “tap” her head and “snatched” her phone and fled. In an Instagram post on Monday, the actress shared her horrifying experience and wrote: “Sharing a sad experience from yesterday which was very dramatic and which gave me almost 24 hours. I am on 14th street in Bandra at around 7:45 am In the evening, two men came from behind on a bike, tapped on my head, which suddenly distracted me for a moment and the rider behind snatched my phone from my hand. When they did this So they were moving. So, first I could react. They ran away.”

She continued: “For about 3-4 seconds I was in complete shock because I didn’t record what happened. By the time I gathered myself and ran behind the bike, they were too far away. Nearby K walkers were sweet enough ran to help. A kind man on a two wheeler tried to follow me even after he heard me screaming for help but was in vain in keeping track as they were driving in haste and Were away in no time. With all the helplessness and anger I felt in that instance it almost gave me a panic attack.”

Nikita Dutta shared that she filed a complaint at the Bandra Police Station and “did all the necessary things as per the procedure”: “I was lucky to have some very helpful people around me to calm me down and give me some water as the tears broke out. Rolled off uncontrollably. Later I lodged complaint with Bandra police station. Did all necessary things as per procedure. Writing this message in hopes of creating awareness. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Wouldn’t even have the experience of losing their hard earned money like this without their fault.”

Nikita Dutta’s friends from the film and television industry like the big bull co-star Abhishek BachchanActors Bhakhtiar Irani, Vikas Kalantri and Shirley Setia showed solace for the actress in the comments section. “Take care,” commented Abhishek Bachchan, while Shirley wrote: “Oh my god.. hope you are fine!”

Read Nikita Dutta’s post here:

Nikita Dutta Has worked in some television shows like Dream Girl – Ek Ladki Deewani Si And for each other, His filmography includes Sona, Lust Stories, Kabir Singh, Maska And The Big Bull. She was last seen with Emraan Hashmi Dybbook.

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