ETERNALS is a well-made superhero saga that gives a nice boost to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s sure to have a fabulous opening and can put healthy lifetime collections in all languages.

Eternals (English) Review {3.5/5} and Review Rating

ETERNALS is the story of an immortal alien race on Earth for a purpose. 7000 years ago, the divine Arisham created the eternal, immortal human beings and sent them to earth. In Eternals include Cersei (Gemma Chan), Icaris (Richard Madden), Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), Sprite (Lia McHugh), Fastos (Brian Tyre Henry), McCurry (Lauren Ridloff), Druig (Barry Keoghan), Gilgamesh (Don Lee) ) Are included. ), Ajak (Salma Hayek) and Thena (Angelina Jolie). Their aim is to save the planet from demonic creatures called goddesses. The Eternals come to Earth in the year 5000 BC in Mesopotamia and manage to defeat the gods. They then live through the progress of human civilization and even use their superpowers to push the human race through in various ways. Ajak is the only one among the infinite who has the ability to establish contact with Arisham. In the present day (after the Blip episode caused by Thanos), Cersei is in London and a professor. She is romantically involved with Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) after Ikaris leaves her. Sprite is also living with Cersei. One day, while returning from a party, Cersei and Sprite are attacked by a Devyant. They fight it out and they are the losers when Ikaris comes to rescue them. The trio learn that the goddesses have become more powerful than ever. They decide to contact Ajak in South Dakota, United States, in the hope that he will have an idea. Surprisingly, when they reached his house, they found him dead. Cersei also learns that she has now acquired the ability to communicate with Arisham. Arisham tells her that ‘it is almost time’. Realizing that the Eternals are in danger, the three set out to reunite all their allies, who are scattered across the world, and try to figure out why the gods are out to kill them.

Movie Review Eternals new

Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo’s story is interesting and in territory as the Avengers series, at least on paper. The screenplay by Chloe Zhao, Patrick Burley, Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo is captivating and effective. The writers have done their best to make sure it feels like a Marvel movie and yet gives no information about the previous superhero movies in this franchise. The characters from the various Eternal Heroes are well portrayed and the chemistry they share is one of the best parts of the venture. On the flipside, the film is a bit confusing and the pace is slow too. Sometimes there is tension in the writing. The dialogues are conversational and a bit mysterious at places. The trademark Marvel humor is also present in some one-liners.

Chloe Zhao’s direction is impressive and cinematic. He had a huge responsibility on his shoulders as he had to make sure it doesn’t look like the poor man’s Avengers. Having watched over 20 Marvel movies, it was also important for him to make sure it stood out. In this regard, she comes up with flying colors. The film has been shot at multiple locations around the world and each location is beautifully presented. The bonding between the characters and the challenges they face also adds to the fun. She has also managed to incorporate massive and clapping elements into the action sequences. On the other hand, at times the story is very slow and it can test the patience of the audience. His demeanor is a bit more constructive and apt for critical acclaim and therefore, people who used to watch typical Marvel movies may feel small. In other words, ETERNALS isn’t as excellent as the Avengers movies. The conflict between the eternal and the goddesses becomes complicated to understand towards the end. The same goes for Sprite’s dilemma and Thana’s situation.

ETERNALS begins on a rocking note. Each lead character’s entry scene is sure to be greeted with whistles and claps. The London episode is entertaining. Ajak’s death comes as a shock. The scene where Cersei, Icaris and the Sprite arrive in India to meet Kingo is sure to bring the house down, among the audience in our country. In fact, it Native Connection will surely help in impressing the Indian audience. Australia has its share of fun and drama in the episode. The Amazon track is nail-biting and from here the film gets a bit serious. The twist in the story in the pre-climax is unexpected. The final fight has its share of thrills and adrenaline rush but it could have been more powerful. The scene after the climax fight also drags the film. The scene between the credits is interesting while the scene after the credits will leave the audience bewildered.

Speaking of performances, Gemma Chan has the maximum screen time out of all the Eternals and shakes up the show. Salma Hayek has a limited presence but makes up for it with a strong performance. Same is the case with Angelina Jolie but as mentioned above, the audience will not be able to relate to her situation. Richard Madden is relatable while Kumail Nanjiani delivers a witty yet sensitive performance. One wishes he had more to contribute to the final part of the film. Lia McHugh is fine while Brian Tyree Henry delivers a memorable performance. Lauren Ridloff is excellent as the silent superhero. Barry Keoghan is dominant while Don Lee is very dominant. Kit Harrington looks flamboyant and delivers capable support. Harish Patel (Karun Patel) is a scene-stealer. The Indian-origin actor has a lot of screen time and makes good use of it. Haaz Slimane (Fastos’ husband) is fine. David Kaye’s middle voice is in line with Arisham’s voice. Harry Styles is good in cameos.

Ramin Djawadi’s music compliments the trend very well. The composers of ‘Game of Thrones’ also add to the impact with their scores. Ben Davies’ cinematography is breathtaking and he does justice to the various eye-catching locations depicted in the film. Eve Stewart and Clint Wallace’s production design is rich and in line with the film’s theme. Sammy Sheldon’s costumes are royal, especially superhero costumes from the Eternals. The VFX is, as expected, top class and looks great on the IMAX screen. The action is superb. Dylan Tichner and Craig Wood’s editing could have been tighter.

Overall, ETERNALS is a well-made superhero saga that gives the Marvel Cinematic Universe a decent boost. It will release after Diwali and despite stiff competition from Sooryavanshi, is sure to be a big start. The previous Marvel release, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, managed to score well despite not releasing in Maharashtra and occupancy restrictions. ETERNALS, meanwhile, will release nationwide,

Overall, ETERNALS is a well-made superhero saga that gives the Marvel Cinematic Universe a decent boost. It releases post Diwali in India and despite stiff competition from Sooryavanshi, it has managed to record strong advance sales due to promotions, lucrative casting, big screen appeal and Marvel connections. So, what is sure to be off to a great start and can hold a healthy Lifetime collection across all languages.

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