FREE GUY rests on a unique plot and is laced with a watertight script, able direction and bravura performances. But an ‘A’ certificate might restrict the business.

Free Guy (English) review {3.0/5} and review rating

FREE GUY is the story of a bank teller who discovers he is part of a video game. Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a non-player character (NPC) in an online, open-world video game called Free City. Guy, however, is unaware that he is in a video game. He works at a bank and spends time with his best friend and co-worker, a bank security guard named Buddy (Lil Ril Howery). The boy wants to fall in love and is waiting for the girl of his dreams to enter his life. One day, he meets a Molotov girl (Jodie Comer), who is singing a song he dreams that his dream girl would like. Buddy warns the cow not to follow him because ‘he is wearing sunglasses’ and he is different from us. The boy, however, does not heed her advice. He steals sunglasses from a man and suddenly his life changes. Meanwhile, in the real world, Walter “Keyes” McKay (Joe Keery) is working at Tsunami Games, the owner of the Free City game. Keys co-developed a game called Life Itself with Millie Rusk (Jodie Comer). However, Tsunami’s head developer and Keys’ current boss Antwan (Taika Waititi) steals Life Itself’s source code to build Free City. Millie spends her time playing Free City, hoping to find evidence that could prove Antwan stole her game. Her avatar in the Free City is the Molotov Girl and when the cow follows her, the latter inadvertently becomes a part of her endeavor. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Movie Review Free Guy English 1

Matt Lieberman’s story is unique and mind-blowing. Matt Lieberman and Jack Penn’s screenplay is very entertaining. There isn’t a single dull or sad moment and there’s a lot going on in its 115-minute run time. The film has two tracks, one dealing with adventures in a video game and the other about dramatic events in real life. The writers have balanced both these tracks and have carved the character beautifully. Wherever necessary, the dialogues are smart as well as funny.

Sean Levy’s direction is apt and he keeps the story simple. This was necessary because it is not so easy to understand the concept in the beginning. The director introduces the world and also introduces some funny and unique moments to keep the interest. On the other hand, though the makers have tried their best to ensure that the audience understands the plot, a section of the audience may still get confused, especially those who will be watching the dubbed version. Although the overall plot is one of its kind, some of the individualistic scenes give a fresh take on films such as The Truman Show, Jumanji, Wreck It Ralph, etc. Lastly, Free Guy has been awarded an adults-only certificate in India. This is shocking as the film is devoid of sex or abusive language and ideally should have got a ‘U’ certificate. Hence, it may restrict the business of the film as families cannot go for it, assuming it contains adult content.

The opening scene of FREE GUY is spectacular and sets the mood. The boy’s entry and his everyday life is sure to create a smile. The fun really begins when Guy puts on sunglasses and starts doing cool things to score points. Meanwhile, Keys and Millie trying to prove Antwan’s guilt is also a great watch. Though best reserved for pre-climaxes and climaxes where the tension level rises, so does the entertainment quotient.

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As expected, Ryan Reynolds is at his best. The role does not allow him to play in the gallery, a la Deadpool. Still, he manages to add to the fun. Jodi Comer plays both the roles with ease and finesse. As for the Molotov Girl, she is quite likeable. Which is an important part of Keeri and gives a good performance. Taika Waititi goes over the top of what her character needs, and yet, she impresses a lot. He is apt for the role and he brings the necessary craziness. Lil Riley Howery and Utkarsh Ambudkar (Mouse) are lovely in supporting parts. Britney Oldford (Barista), Camille Kostek (Bombshell) and Matty Cardaropal (Keith the Gamer) are good. Channing Tatum (Ravenjamin Buttons) is funny in a cameo. Chris Evans’ presence is missed in the blink of an eye but he brings the house down.

Christoph Beck’s music enhances the effect. George Richmond’s cinematography is cinematic and the various developments are captured well. Ethan Tobman’s production design is detailed and authentic. The Stash House’s interior in particular is memorable. The action is first class and devoid of gore. VFX is out of this world. Dean Zimmerman’s editing is neat.

All in all, FREE GUY rests on a unique plot and has a strong script, capable direction and strong performances. The English version of the film is likely to score prominently as viewers watching the dubbed version may find the plot puzzling. Also, the film has been wrongly given an ‘A’ certificate and it may stall the business.

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