INDOO KI JAWANI is a fun-filled entertainer and deserves to be watched for its plot, realistic setting, humour and Kiara Advani’s adorable performance.

Indu Ki Jawaani Review {3.0/5} and Review Rating

Dating apps have become an important part of our life since 5-6 years. Many people have had ugly experiences or failed to find a good match, but at the same time, there are some who have managed to meet their life partner over this. Interestingly, not many Bollywood movies have talked about this aspect. Indu Ki Jawaani, starring Kiara Advani, however, takes up the challenge and is based on this aspect. Of course, the film is much more than a dating app and promises to have a comical twist. Also, it is an important film as it is the second Hindi film after Sooraj Pe Mangal Bhari to release in theaters in the post-pandemic season. So can Indu Ki Jawani entertain the audience? Or does it force viewers to swipe left? Let’s analyze.

movie review indu ki jawani

Indu Ki Jawaani is a coming-of-age story of a girl who experiences life through audacity and dating apps. At the Delhi-Ghaziabad border, police try to stop a black Scorpio car at the check post. But the car occupants refused to show their identity and fled. He also opened fire on a policeman. The police, led by Avinash Nigam (Iqbal Khan), find the car outside a house. Terrorists are nowhere to be seen but police find explosives inside. Soon they find a Pakistani in the car and the search for the other person begins. Meanwhile, Indira Gupta aka Indu (Kiara Advani) is having a tough time with her boyfriend Satish (Raghav Raj Kakkar) in Ghaziabad. Satish wants to sleep with Indu but she is apprehensive. She then agrees to come to his house at night and later changes her mind. So, a desperate Satish asks a girl from Indu’s colony, Alka (Lisha Bajaj), to spend the night with him, despite the fact that Alka is marrying someone else next week. Meanwhile, Indu’s best friend Sonal (Mallika Dua) ​​tells her that she should sleep with Satish. Hence, she reaches Satish’s house but finds him in bed with Alka. Indu immediately breaks up with him. At Alka’s wedding, Indu is adored not only by young boys like Kittu (Shivam Kakkar) but also by older men like Prem Uncle (Rakesh Bedi), Ranjit Uncle (Rajendra Sethi) and Pran Uncle (Chittaranjan Tripathi). Kittu mixes Indu’s drink with alcohol and this makes her dance like crazy. His reputation in the locality is tarnished. The next day, Indu’s parents (Rajesh Jais, Alka Kaushal) leave for Delhi to seek admission for Indu’s brother Bunty (Harsh Sharma). They request him not to do any more drama. A single Indu, still grieving over the break-up, agrees with Sonal’s idea to use a dating app to find a man for a one-night-stand. Sonal believes that this will help her in her next relationship. Indu matches Samar (Aditya Seal) on the app. After a brief conversation, Indu invites her to the house for the evening. The same day he learns from Prem Uncle, Ranjit Uncle and Pran Uncle that a terrorist from Pakistan is roaming in Ghaziabad. In the evening, Samar reaches Indu’s house. Samar turned out to be a complete gentleman. Indu tries to be intimate with her but panics. She calls Sonal who prompts her to seduce him. Indu decides to do so and in the process Samar’s passport falls from his jacket. That’s when she sees that Samar is a Pakistani! This development scares him. She also wonders if she is the same terrorist that the police are trying to find. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The story of Abir Sengupta is captivating. The way he has brought together dating apps, prejudices, small town mentality, terrorism and the India vs Pakistan debate in one film is commendable. Abir Sengupta’s screenplay is impressive in most parts. It is good to see that the writer has tried his best to ensure that the film does not turn out to be a run-of-the-mill product. However, the film drags at some places. This is especially felt in the first half. It was already shown in the trailer that Indu’s match is Pakistani. This bit comes too late, just before the interval. So, one wants the first half to be tight. Abir Sengupta’s dialogues are witty and add to the humor quotient. The Indo-Pak debate dialogue could have been shorter as it was recurring in the second half. In addition, the word ‘Flag raised’ Mentions are made after every ten minutes and it frustrates the audience after a point.

Abir Sengupta’s direction is clean and simple. It is also done creatively at places. For example, the scene in which Indu chats with Samar for the first time on the app could ideally be a normal, regular scene, perhaps shot at a coffee shop or Indu’s residence. But Abir makes it to the middle of a busy square in Ghaziabad, where the fighting has turned into a lot of madness. It really enhances the effect. Also, the director focuses on how neighborhoods in small towns are mindless and prejudiced under the guise of being cultured. It is treated in a humorous way but it is a reality and this element is used well in the script. On the other hand, the finale is fun but could have been more exciting. The idea of ​​intertwining an action scene with jagarata shots seemed odd. Plus, using surrogate brand names like Facebook, Dinder, Cafe Coffee Bay, and Domato is pretty laughable. One wish they had used the original names (as they did with Limca and Aquaguard) or perhaps the manufacturers could have used fictitious brand names.

Indu Ki Jawani begins on an interesting note which makes it clear that Indu has morals and values ​​and is concerned about her image in the society. The animated opening credits are very well done. The first half then goes on at a leisurely, slow pace. The film definitely gets better when Samar and Indu meet and when he learns that he is from ‘enemy country’. First of all, it is fun to see both of them arguing about which country is better. After a point, it becomes too much. The last 20 minutes are thrilling and the film ends on a good, funny note.

Talking about the performance, Kiara Advani is commendable. She is looking very cute and gives a very entertaining performance. The way she screams angrily throughout the film becomes a comical watch. This movie gives her a chance to showcase her acting talent and hence, it will definitely help her to advance her career. In the first half, Aditya Seal has little to do initially but makes his presence felt later. He looks dashing and his dialogue delivery is spot on. Mallika Dua is hilarious and great as a bestie with knowledge about men, adult movies and sex. Iqbal Khan leaves a huge mark and deserves to be seen more in films. Raghav Raj Kakkar, who was best known for his role of ‘Karamchand’ in Scam 1992, is fine. Shivam Kakkar is up a bit. Rakesh Bedi, Rajendra Sethi and Chittaranjan Tripathi are apt in the role of uncles. Rajesh Jais, Alka Kaushal, Harsh Sharma and Lisha Bajaj don’t get much scope. Govind Pandey (Constable Om Prakash Chautala) is funny for the part of T. Ashok Lal (auto driver). Archana Shukla (Kittu’s mother) is efficient. Jitendra is an important part of Rajput (terrorist) and he does well. Masood Ibrahim (Abhishek Singh) is fine.

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The music is not of the chartbuster kind but it is used well. ‘Haseena Pagal Deewani’ There is foot-tapping. ‘Dil Tera’ Is novel and pays tribute to Bollywood beautifully. ‘Unmarried women’ goes on in the background while ‘Hells broke’ Appears during the end credits. Neil Adhikar’s background score strikes a chord with the mood of the film.

The shading of a spring is without complaints. Priya Suhas’ production design gives a realistic touch to the film. Amin Khatib’s action is short and not too violent. Sheetal Sharma’s costume is very attractive, especially the outfits worn by Kiara. Ajay Sharma’s editing could have been crisp but still he has done a good job.

Overall, Indoo Ki Jawaani is a gripping entertainer and is worth watching for its plot, realistic setting, humor and captivating performance from Kiara Advani. At the box office, the positive wording may result in an increase in viewership over the weekend.

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