JUNGLE CRUISE is formulaic but manages to give an entertaining time to the viewers. However, the delayed release in India could work against the film.

Jungle Cruise (English) review {3.0/5} and review rating

Jungle Cruise is the story of a trio trying to find a magical tree that can cure all diseases. In 1556, Don Aguirre (Edgar Ramírez) takes Spanish conquistadors to South America in search of the Lagrimas de Crystal Tree aka Tears of the Moon, whose flowers can heal ailments, heal injuries And you can curse. Most of the conquerors die due to diseases related to the forest. Don Aguirre and some of his allies are saved by the Guardians of the Tree. They are cured by using the flowers of the tree. When Don Aguirre asks the tribal chief about the location of the tree, the latter refuses. After this Don Aguirre set his village on fire. Before his death, the tribal chief curses Don Aguirre and his allies. Because of the curse, they cannot leave the sight of the river again and they can neither live nor die. In 1916, McGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) requests access to an ancient arrowhead recovered by a certain Dr Albert Falls from members of the Royal Anthropological and Divers Adventure Society, London. However, the members of the society deny permission. McGregor’s sister, Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt), a botanist, breaks into the Society building and steals Arrowhead. She is searching for the moon’s tears and thinks that the arrowhead can help her locate the tree. When she steals Arrowhead, she is nearly caught by Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons), an aspiring German royal looking for the Tree. McGregor and Lily then head to Porto Velho, Brazil, where the tree’s location is closest. They hire Captain Frank Wolfe (Dwayne Johnson), who offers the cheapest cruise rides of the Amazon River and who is known to be quite tough and knowledgeable about topography. The adventure begins but it is not going to be easy. The road is dangerous and apart from this Prince Joachim has also reached Porto Velho. To find Tree and defeat Team Lily, he locates Don Aguirre and his allies and brings them back to ‘life’. Lily, on the other hand, learns that Frank is mysterious and has been lying to her about many things the entire time. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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The story of John Norville, Josh Goldstein, Glenn Ficara and John Rica is formulaic and clichéd but gripping. Like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruises is also based at theme park attractions at Disney World. Glenn Ficara, John Requa and Michael Gree’s script is light and has tons of fun and thrilling moments. A few twists in the second half also keep the interest going. The authors also make interesting comments about how women were treated then and how Dr. Lilly proves anti-feminist men wrong; This bit will surely be liked by the audience. However, the second half gets a bit heavy, especially the track from Don Aguirre. Also, despite the unexpected twists and turns, the overall narrative is predictable as many such films have been made in this genre. The dialogues are very well written and the humor adds to the quotient. Dwayne Johnson’s corny one-liners are hilarious.

Jaime Colette-Serra’s direction follows the standard template seen in jungle adventure films. The filmmaker has handled small and medium sized films in the past. This is his first big film but the way he executes it shows that he knows his work very well. The characters are very well introduced, the setting is well explained and he keeps the tone of the film light which will help attract families and kids. He also deserves praise for the way he portrays the electrifying chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. On the other hand, the film gives a strong visuals from movies like The Mummy, Jumanji, Indiana Jones and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Jungle Cruise is like a bhel puri Template, setting and other such elements of the above films. The second half could have been better or more novel. Also, the film releases very late in India. It was released in the United States on July 30 in theaters as well as on Disney+. As a result, its pirated copies have been out for more than 50 days. So, as was the case with Fast & Furious 9, Jungle Cruise has already been watched by many Indian moviegoers, and this will affect the viewership.

The beginning of JUNGLE CRUISE is very good. A chase sequence involving Dr. Lily inside the Royal Society sets the mood. Dr. Lilly and Frank’s first meeting is hilarious and so is Frank’s subsequent fight with the Jaguar. The cruise ride begins with a bang as Frank’s boat is attacked by a torpedo. It’s great how Frank, Dr. Lilly and McGregor survived this attack. The view of the waterfall is nail-biting. The twist in the tribal track in the second half is fine but not that interesting. The scene in which Frank reveals the truth about his identity will surely shock the audience as they will not see it coming. In the pre-climax, the scene where Dr. Lily goes underwater, grabs attention. But this is pretty unbelievable because Dr. Lilly is shown to have a phobia of swimming. Nevertheless, on her first attempt to go underwater, she manages to almost unlock the lever leading to the tree and it is very difficult to digest. Climax fight is fine but as expected. The film ends on a small abrupt note.

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Dwayne Johnson brings star power to the film and is absolutely entertaining. He also makes sure that his character looks different from his performance in Jumanji, which was also a jungle adventure. Emily is sweet enough to play Blunt, which can best be described as the female Indiana Jones. She is very good at action sequences and her comic timing is spot on. The scene where he needs to get the sword out of Dwayne’s chest is pretty funny, thank you. Jack Whitehall gives a fine performance and contributes a lot to the laughter quotient. The scene where he tells Dwayne Johnson about his past is memorable. Edgar Ramirez is fine. Jesse Plemons is decent but laughs in the scene where he mispronounces ‘jungle’. Paul Giamatti (Nilo Nemolato) and Veronica Falcon (Trader Sam, head of the Puka Michuna tribe) do very well but receive limited scope.

James Newton Howard’s musical has elements of period drama thriller and it works. Flavio Labiano’s cinematography is superb. Jean-Vincent Puzos’ production design is detailed. Paco Delgado’s costume is very impressive. Emily Blunt’s Amelia Earhart-inspired dresses are especially admirable. The action is fun and without violence and blood. VFX is exceptional, which was expected. Joel Negron’s editing is neat.

Overall, Jungle Cruise is formulaic and cliched, but gives the audience an entertaining time and has tremendous appeal for kids and family audiences. Unlike Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings and Free Guy, the film will have a 3D release in India. This and the casting of actor Dwayne Johnson, a popular actor for the Indian public, will help the film reach the audience. On the other hand, it is releasing in the USA and on Disney+ almost two months after its release. As a result, its pirated prints have flooded the internet for a long time and this will affect the box office to some extent.

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