stars, scale, action and entertainment. Rohit Shetty presents a Blockbuster package this Diwali.

Sooryavanshi Review {4.5/5} and Review Rating

The wait was worth it!

Rohit Shetty was designed, conceptualized and executed sooryavanshi For the big screen. He waited patiently for nearly two years for theaters to reopen so film-goers could see his new creation on the big screen. After watching Sooryavanshi, I really feel that a decision has been taken to release sooryavanshi The most appropriate decision was in cinemas.


Big films are for the big screen and Sooryavanshi is indeed a great entertainment that should be enjoyed on the big screen in cinema halls.

Think about it, Sooryavanshi has a lot riding on it. Big money, yes. But, most importantly, a film like Sooryavanshi is sure to boost the morale of an industry which is already going through its toughest phase due to the pandemic.

So let me get to the point right away. sooryavanshi One of the best works of Rohit Shetty. Like Manmohan Desai, he knows the pulse of the audience and serves a dish that they love. He integrates the right elements into those 2.30 hours and at the end of it, you can’t help but be a penny-charged entertainer.

Now without spoiling the story… Sooryavanshi tells the story of a courageous cop. [Akshay Kumar], who decides to go after the mastermind of the terror attacks. He Faces Obstacles, His Wife [Katrina Kaif] He loses some of his allies in this fight, but he remains focused.

On paper, Sooryavanshi’s story may sound predictable and die-hard, but it has a triumph in its screenwriting. The screenplay is really entertaining for most parts, however it falls loose due to an unwanted song in the first part and some romantic scenes filmed on Akshay and Katrina.

Rohit captures the drama and emotions beautifully and delivers it with remarkable action pieces. I would like to mention a few scenes here…

️ Introducing Akshay

️ Chase and fight in Jaisalmer, when Akshay captures Abhimanyu Singh

Akshay encounters Gulshan Grover, who then clashes with Rajendra Gupta

️ Bike, speedboat and helicopter chase in Bangkok

Gulshan Grover’s arrest and the immediate sequence of action when Akshay clashes with his supporters

️ Simmba’s Entry [Ranveer Singh] and Singham [Ajay Devgn]

️ Towards the last part of the song ‘Quit tomorrow ki baatein’

While the script is loaded with the right material, Rohit makes sure that he never deviates from the core issue. The film has both scale and content and that is its biggest strength. The dialogues are also well written and fit seamlessly into the narrative.

DoP captures the scale of the film without hesitation. The background score is impressive and the signature tune makes you nostalgic when Simmba and Singham appear on the screen.

Sooryavanshi First Day First Show Public Review | Akshay Kumar | Katrina Kaif

Return to action genre with Akshay sooryavanshi, He punches, spews fire and poison, fires bullets, vanquishes the villain and romances Katrina. Must add, he once again does a great job. Plus, his deadpan humor contributes to the fun element.

Katrina’s role is good and she plays it with ease. But it is the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ that is mainly greeted with whistles and clapping on the single screen.

The film has a plethora of characters, but the ones that stand out include Kumud Mishra. [very good]Abhimanyu Singh [excellent], Gulshan Grover [first-rate], Rajendra Gupta [competent]nictin cold-blooded [good]Sikandar Khedi [effective] and Sharvari Lohokare [super], Javed Jaffrey is as dependable as ever. Jackie Shroff has an important role, but he doesn’t get too many scenes to prove his mettle.

The presence of Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh is icing on the cake, which is indeed a master stroke. Their sequences only substantially extend the later parts of the interval.

Overall, Sooryavanshi has it all: stars, scale, action and entertainment. Rohit Shetty is presenting a blockbuster package this Diwali that will surely bring the audience back to theaters in large numbers. Sure-shot smash hit.

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