Sushmita Sen Hopes You Binge Watch Aarya 2 While “Snacking On Something Super Fun”

Sushmita Sen Hopes You Watch Aarya 2 While 'Snacking On Some Super Fun'

Sushmita Sen will be seen in season 2 Arya

Sushmita Sen is excited about her upcoming season Arya, The actress has had a busy schedule in the past few months due to health issues, which she has not disclosed yet. While the news of her surgery rocked the internet, Sushmita Sen came back for a live session just before leaving for the promotions. Arya 2, And guess what? This video of him is worth watching. Sushmita Sen, who is always full of love from fans, once again expressed her heart in an Instagram live session. She started the video saying, “So you guys wanted me to come live and I’m am present, This is traveling a lot for me. I’m thrilled to be back in time for this beautiful season 2 Arya,

Sushmita Sen also slammed the crew and cast of the film Arya 2, But before that the actress thanked the fans. She said, “I just have to tell you guys, the warmth, the anticipation, the love, the concern, all that I am receiving with great love and enthusiasm.”

Talking about her recent surgery, Sushmita Sen said, “On this birthday of mine, I am focusing on improving my health and myself and getting ready for the next 15-20 years of my life.” Understanding the concern among her fans, the diva said, “There will be a time when I will tell you more about it. But today it is about getting ready for the work that we do with COVID, in a bubble.” Along with the shoot, some wonderful people came together as a team Arya To make Season 2 possible against all odds.”

“I’m your sush and I’m yours Arya And it remains constant.” went through all that effort and Mehndi and the love we’ve poured Arya Season 2 reaches out to you in your living room, binge-watching it and snacking on something super funny and unhealthy.” We loved hearing her laugh at the end of the sentence.

Sushmita Sen also had a surprise for us. He said, “To be honest, this time I am going to watch the season with you other than what I saw in the dub. I am very excited.” Shouting out to Ram Madhvani, the directors, the film’s star cast and crew, Sushmita Sen said, “Actually, I don’t want to spoil the season. I want you to see what they have done.”

Sushmita Sen also revealed what she thinks about the poster Arya 2, The actress continued, “I thought to myself that I have always felt a deep connection with Arya as a character but always saw Sush in him. but that’s the poster Arya, just totally Arya,

Sushmita Sen was not alone during the live session. His daughters, Renee and Alisa, sat behind him and would often laugh. Finally, the actress asked him why he looked so beautiful out of the shower. To this her daughter said, “Because mother says we are God’s handwriting.” Sushmita Sen immediately agreed, “Oh that’s true.”

Sushmita Sen recently underwent surgery And he talked about it in another video.

So are you excited for it? Arya 2,

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