Varun Dhawan & Sara Ali Khan’s COOLIE NO. 1 is atypical David Dhawan entertainer — crazy, outrageous and over the top — but funny and entertaining.

Coolie No 1 review {3.5/5} and review rating

David Dhawan is considered the king of masala films. His films are targeted at audiences who crave entertainment. In fact, barring a few exceptions, most of his films have made audiences laugh and his producers and distributors laugh to the bank. Their success rate is, undoubtedly, remarkable.

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This is one of the reasons why his 45th directorial venture Coolie No. 1 is waiting. However, this time Dhawan Sr. is competing with himself. 25 years ago, in 1995, he directed a film starring Govinda and Karisma Kapoor – which was loved not only for its humour, songs and drama, but for everything. It is a film that is still fresh in our mind. Naturally, the updated version is bound to be finely judged, perhaps with a magnifying glass, when it attempts to remake the much-anticipated entertainer.

Let’s come to the point. There is an updated/rebooted version of Coolie No. 1 Equally entertaining? Comparisons are inevitable. If Dhawan Sr. falters, Kursi’s critics will tear the updated version to pieces, while son Varun Dhawan – who reprises the character of Govinda – will face severe backlash for stepping into the supremely talented actor’s shoes.

Be warned. Coolie no. 1 is strictly for those who love crazy entertainment. Those who crave films that defy logic, motive and intelligence. The fund is pretty clear: entertainment. make you laugh. To take you to a different world. The trailers had prepared us what to expect and Coolie No. 1 lives up to those expectations.

plot in a nutshell [no spoilers here], Coolie no. Tells the story of 1 Coolie / Coolie Raj [Varun Dhawan]who falls in love with sara [Sara Ali Khan], However, his father [Paresh Rawal] Very eager to marry a millionaire. The porter pretends to be a tycoon, but the cat is soon out of the bag. What will happen next?

This is an updated version of Dhawan Sr.’s Coolie No. 1 [1995]which, in turn, was a remake of the Tamil film Chinna Mappillai [1993], Dhawan Sr. retains the essence of the Hindi original – including some chartbusters – but sprinkling it with some fresh punch to suit the present times.

Like most Dhawan Sr. films, Coolie No. 1 is a joyride consisting of several abusive situations. Another fun celebration aimed at appeasing the fanatical masses. The punches may seem trivial, but what works is the chemistry between Varun and Paresh. This is the main reason why proceedings work for the most parts.

Additionally, actors who appear during the journey [Johny Lever, Jaaved Jaaferi, Rajpal Yadav] Enhance the fun moments. On the other hand, some sequences feel forceful and could have been cut short. Especially at the beginning of the second hour.

Coolie No 1 Quiz – Varun Dhawan Vs Sara Ali Khan – Paisa Vasool Fight Govinda David Dhawan

Dhawan Sr. is in a familiar territory, so it doesn’t take much to fix it. The writing is weird. Plus, the witty one-liners ensure that you always have a smile on your face. The soundtrack is energetic and the idea is to retain the original songs of the 1995 film. [‘Mirchi Lagi To’, ‘Husn Hain Suhana’] A master stroke, as these are timeless melodies.

Varun gets into the character with ease. The role demanded that he play in the gallery and the actor obeyed the dictates. The acting can come across as loud and at times, it can cross boundaries, but it works well in a film of this genre. Paresh Rawal resembles Varun, who is a great pleasure to watch. Really, the comic timing of both the actors is superb.

Sara Ali Khan gets limited scope to prove her credentials. He is decent. Similarly for Shikha Talsania. The supporting characters – Sahil Vaid, Johnny Lever, Javed Jaffrey, Rajpal Yadav and Manoj Joshi – fit their part wonderfully.

Overall, porter no. 1 is a typical David Dhawan entertainer – crazy, outrageous and over the top – but witty and amusing. Sit back and enjoy this ride!

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