How To Make a Website For Free 

You will be told in this post that how to make a WordPress website for free, you will also be told about this paid website, you can create whatever you like,

#Step. 1 Choosing a domain name

You can either purchase your domain name for around $12 per year, or create your own URL for free.

#Step. 2 Choosing hosting

You can create a website for free on, which will be just like a professional website.

#Step. 3 Choosing Theme

You can use any free theme from WordPress library, I would recommend you to use GeneratePress theme.

#Step. 4 Customize our Blog

To make your website look professional, you have to design it well so that it looks like a professional website.

#Step. 4 Create a Blog Post

You have to post a daily work on this website, so that it ranks in Google and earns you money.